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Your program's greatest worth is in the lives changed by it.


People find worth in what matters to them. Of donors giving regularly, 75% want information on a nonprofit’s impact. When awarding grants, Giving USA reports private funders are prioritizing the potential for return on investment.

Nonprofits that change lives produce impacts that yield a return on investment. But donors and grant makers typically don't see evidence of this, as nonprofit fundraising efforts tend to focus only on outcomes.


Saint Wall Street makes it possible and affordable to enhance fundraising with third party-validated proof of social and economic impacts and the return on investment they yield. Exclusively for programs that change lives, our Program Return On Investment™ (PROI) services include:

  • PROI Economic Impact Profiles – Single-page impact stories highlighting cost-benefits and return on investment applicable to the changed lives of individual participants. 

  • PROI Economic Impact Tracking – Training and tools to help staff gather and account over time for the monetizable impacts of program participants. 

  • PROI Economic Impact Reports – Fully designed publications featuring stories that sell vs. tell, tables and graphs showing societal costs avoided, state revenue gains, visual value comparisons, cost-efficiency accounting, and the program’s estimated return on investment. 

  • PROI Sustainability Strategy – A “SMARTER” plan to increase social and economic impacts at less cost, create a high-ROI brand and culture, and make a compelling case for sustainability. 

  • PROI Calculator – Customized software that monetizes up to 40 impacts common to human services and generates a detailed report of the program's cost-benefits and return on investment, instantly, year after year.

Fyi: Impact differs from outcomes.


Outcomes are changes that occur because of your program.

Impact is what happens because of the outcomes, i.e., the results.

The impact of lives changed for the better is not only social, but also economic.

PROI demonstrates social and economic impact in ways important to today's donors and funders.

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It pays to fundraise like your program is worth it.

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