Because life-changing programs should never be underfunded.

The name, Saint Wall Street, connects social good with economic gain,

which we believe is philanthropy the way God intends. 


Saint Wall Street, LLC, is a leading provider of sustainability solutions for programs that change lives. Our clients typically achieve and sustain six- and seven-figure increases in their human-services funding. Some also use what they learn about assets-leveraging to produce earned income.


Since 1998, Saint Wall Street has served federal and state agencies, faith-based and community organizations, nonprofit intermediaries, universities, and socially responsible corporations, as well as presented at national and international forums on social impact. 






In 2011, with funding from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, we developed and vetted Program Return on Investment™ (PROI) training, products, and services. Unique to PROI is the ability to help effective human-services providers discover and leverage for greater support the economic value of their program's impact.


Making value analysis faster, easier and affordable is PROI Calculator software, which instantly estimates cost-benefits and return on investment. Built in are 40+ impact indicators to give overdue dollar value to life-changing human services. A new Kingdom ROI Calculator for ministry was developed in 2016 to also give value to benefits that rebound to the church. All our value-driven work is research-backed, compliant with the Gates Foundation's Results Hierarchy for nonprofits, and adaptable for dollar-impact accuracy, per person, program, and state.


Adding more value is our diverse staff of leaders. Decades of personal and professional experience in undervalued communities, government, and corporate America have cultivated "insider" cultural perspectives to combat racism, sexism, and classism through the lens of market value. 

"Program Return On Investment (PROI) methodology is about impact valuation, not program evaluation. It maximizes impact at the starting line, so that greater value and sustainability yield at the finish line."

-- Herbert Baum, Ph.D., PROI Chief Data Analyst 


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