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Economic Impact Profile for "Marcus" 


California resident, Marcus, used to steal cars. Following two years in prison, he completes a program that changes his life and helps him secure a job as a construction worker in 2019. The resulting, year-one impact value above the $6,600 investment made in Marcus is as follows. The value will increase each year he continues to make such positive impact.

The Program Return On Investment™ (PROI) Calculator draws from research-backed costs and countefactuals to instantly turn data into dollars, including:  

  • Per person

  • Per impact

  • Per area of impact (health, education, employment, housing, and justice)

  • Per program

  • Per state

This abbreviated sample is just one of many ways way PROI helps life-changing programs account for economic impact and prove worthy of greater support.

proi demo - Marcus data.png

Sample PROI Analysis

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