How PROI Strengthens Impact and Funding

  1. Uncover impacts that have market value. 40+ research-backed, per-person, per-occurrence, and per-state costs reveal the wealth of cost-benefits for improvements in health, education, employment, housing, and justice.

  2. Monetize impact value, instantly. PROI calculator software (Kingdom ROI version for ministry) turns data into dollars, highlighting in an economic impact report cost-benefits specific to families, government, and business.

  3. Create stories that sell vs. tell. Individualized PROI impact profiles make clear to your accomplished service recipients, staff, and supporters the amazing market value of change.

  4. Highlight the cost of ignoring the problem. A PROI cost profile reveals state spending relative to your cause, helping supporters understand even more why your human services matter.

  5. Turn staff position descriptions into performance descriptions. Key PROI measures ensure you pay for results, not time -- even from work-at-home staff.

  6. Establish value-conscious board leadership. PROI return-on-leadership measures drive a board that contributes generously and inspires others to do likewise.

  7. Facilitate “high-ROI” strategic planning. PROI assets-leveraging tactics for cost-effective growth also help make a case for sustainable support, unveiling potential for return on investment and perhaps for earned income.