Form close up, fountain pen and approved

These days, it takes more than grant-writing to sustain adequate funding for life-changing human services. Before you write a word:

  1. Understand what today’s funders want and how they are prioritizing their dollars. Changing times have created new expectations. Grant proposals promising short-term outcomes are not suited for funding that now favors long-term results. 

  2. Seek not just to meet needs, but to satisfy funders’ new expectations. Our "new normal" is rife with human need. What's sought are new, data-driven models of efficiency and effectiveness that will maximize the impact of every dollar. 

  3. Make a case worthy of investment. Generous funding for the long term follows either the promise of return on investment, potential for triple-bottom-line benefits, or proof of sustainability/scalability possibly inclusive of earned income. This means strategic planning must now focus on delivery of financial, as well as social and economic value.

Pack your grant proposals with the value today's grant makers want.


Program Return On Investment™ (PROI) training, tools, and technology work together to track, measure and monetize the impact of life-changing human services.