Because peers and partners who can relate are better than mere consultants. 

Talent and skill amassed over decades of nonprofit service.

"Insider" knowledge from personal experience overcoming poverty and other social ills.

Corporate-marketing expertise in minority and low-income markets.

Government-funded research, analysis, and monetization of human services.

Faith-based leadership support in urban ministries, schools, and jails.


Add our exclusive Program Return On Investment™ (PROI) sustainability solutions, our impressive track record for nonprofit funding increases, and servicing you'll love! We guarantee you won't find better help to grow and sustain support for your life-changing human services.

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Bernice Sanders Smoot

Founder & President

Herbert Baum, Ph. D.

Chief Data Analyst

James Worthy

PROI Trainer

Andrew Brey

Calculator Technology Genius

Carl Chadband, M. Ed.

PROI Trainer

President's Profile

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I believe if we're not part of the solution, we're part of the problem.

I was born in poverty to a single mother and grew up in what then was a notorious Southeast D.C. ghetto. Four of us (Mom, brother, an elderly aunt and I) lived in a one-bedroom apartment, a stone's throw from the D.C. Jail. Getting to and from our unit meant braving poorly lit, interior stairways where drunkards would urinate. I knew, personally, the young addict who killed, raped and slit the throats of friends in one of the kindest families on the block.

Too proud to receive government welfare and too busy working as a waitress to seek out charitable programs, my mother provided for us as best she could. What she lacked in her purse, she more than made up for in her person.

Watching Mom manage with integrity, every day, the cost of having loved a man incapable of returning it, I learned to assume full responsibility for my life and choices, to be loving even to those hard to love, and to endure tough times and overcome challenges with unwavering faith in God through Christ. While college-educated and working since I was 16 years old, it is the lessons from Mom that best equipped me to rise and live poverty-free, and to marry and raise two daughters to do likewise.


Like great mothers, there are great programs making life better for those in need. And they require a lot more money than Mom ever had! However, it's hard to recognize investment-worthy programs when their case for support is hardly better than that made by the unworthy.

I launched Saint Wall Street in 1998, combining my life experiences with poverty and charity, and career expertise as a former corporate marketing executive, to help undervalued nonprofits unveil and use their tremendous market value to build a sustainable budget and brand.


People support what they value. Let's make sure they value human services for all they are worth!


Ms. Smoot is also a lifelong volunteer for nonprofits that have ranged from the American Red Cross to Zion Kids Palace in Uganda. She currently serves on three nonprofit boards in her new home state of Florida. Every year, Ms. Smoot  provides PROI services free of charge to a deserving social program, A Christian and mother of two accomplished daughters, she intends to help strengthen the programs that help strengthen people for the rest of her life.