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If you're changing the lives of Black people in America,

here's how to measure for success everyone will value!


Racism lives because Black people are considered inferior. The perception of inferiority started with and is sustained by words and images that devalue Blacks. We believe a key indicator of racial-equity success will be the extent to which Blacks in America are deemed valuable to America.


Every Black life changed as a result of your work is likely generating economic proof of value. We can help you measure and leverage that value to make a compelling case for racial equity, along with a compelling case for continued support. Here's what we do: 

  • Unveil the impacts that have market value. Instantly, via our software, cost-benefits and return-on-investment potential are revealed, giving much-deserved worth to Black people and the life-changing efforts that uplifted them.

  • Turn stories that tell into stories that sell. Per-person accounts of social change are given economic weight, countering negative narratives about Black people.

  • Demonstrate return on investment for stakeholders. Government and business gains and savings reported along with funder returns help make clear the investment worthiness of Black people to sectors that are vital to the support and sustainability of racial justice.   

Program Return On Investment™ (PROI) training, tools, and technology make it possible.